6th May Carnage of Hefazat-e-Islam’s Rally by State Security: Salman Al-Azami

Posted: May 8, 2013 in Articles and Updates
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I am just astounded by what happened last night and how the government implemented a master plan supported by the appallingly unethical media in Bangladesh. I do not condone any act of vandalism and if any member of Hefazot committed such crime they should be brought to justice. However, the portrayal of Hefazot conducting the heinous arson attacks on hundreds of shops is beggars belief. I too was perplexed at how this could happen. Then someone on Facebook gave a logical explanation and it all became clear. It is the old trick of turning the victims into perpetrators. They did the same with the attack on minorities after the Sayeedi verdict. I just need some explanation. I need to see video footage of Hefazot people attacking the shops. Where were all those media cameramen who are eager to find how criminal the Hefazot people are? Did anyone try to find out where the incidents happened? Can anyone confirm whether Hefazot people were in the Southern gate of Baitul Mokarram? Those shops were literally a few hundred yards away from Awami League office. Therefore, it is clear who may have done this. Can anyone believe that the Hefazot people, who are giving their lives for Islam, could burn the Quran?

This is a wonderful attempt to take people’s minds away from the massacre that happened deep at night when thousands of BGB, RAB and Police forces fired indiscriminately to kill many people and then took away many dead bodies and destroyed them. Not a single media outlet is questioning this attack. No one is asking why the electricity was disconnected before the attacks. No one is alarmed why Diganta TV and Islamic TV, the only two channels that had any sympathy for Hefazot people were forcefully closed without any legal reason.

Now the whole world will know that a few Hefazot ‘miscreants’ were killed by the ‘fantastic’ role the forces played to ‘save’ the public. The poor Madrassah students, who have little value in the country, will not even have their deaths acknowledged. The sympathy will only be for those whose shops have been destroyed (of course we have sympathy for them), but the deaths of scores of people will remain unreported and so will be deleted from history. Bravo Sheikh Hasina, what a game you have played!

What will happen to my beloved country only Allah knows. Oppressors have everything, power, media, money. We have nothing but Allah, and can do nothing but wait for His help. Inshallah truth will prevail.

I am writing this comfortably sitting on my sofa in my living room when my fellow Muslim brothers in my own country are being persecuted, killed, tortured and slandered. I can only pray for them. O Allah, please send your help soon.



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