Update: Shaykh Shams Ad-Duha Muhammad

Posted: May 8, 2013 in Articles and Updates
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Shams Ad-Duha Muhammad is the founding and current Director of Ebrahim College.

The following update was posted to his Facebook Page on 7th May:

Ok, update on Bangladesh based on a phone call this morning with friends in BD. These are ulama who i studied with, visit regularly, and trust completely.

Deaths of 2k to 3k is based on estimation. The estimation is based on the following points from eye witness account of friends I know personally who escaped the scene (shapla square) alive and have made it home to Sylhet.

1. Several thousand Hefazothe demonstrators had decided to spend the night on the square based a spontaneous decision by leaders on the day. This is something they had warned would happen if their demands were not met.

2. While they slept rough on and around the square, they were awoken by the sound of tanks and helicopter/s and gunfire. They awoke to find themselves surrounded by security forces. (government admits 10k forces).

3. The forces opened fire from above and below. Rubber, live ammo, various grenades the lot. Some witnesses even report people being run over by vehicles as they struggled to get up and run. Others simply knocked out by stun/sound grenades.

4. There was so much gunfire, it was like a battleground. (this u can confirm from the media footage shown here on UK channels). Sounds like helmand.

5. People scattered running in to buildings and alleyways while others were shot. My friends who this report is from, ran up into a hotel building who’s owner kindly gave them refuge while the shooting continued below. They travelled as a group of around 9-10, only half have made it back. The others are thus far missing.

6. After the shooting, bodies were loaded on to trucks and taken away.

7. The area was then promptly hosed down by the fire trucks that were part of the convoy. Some have reported the area being sprinkled with something first.

The high number of victims propagated is inferred from these realities on the ground reported by hundreds of eye witnesses who escaped. I’ve now heard exactly the same account several times over from different people.

Most people are grieving today and trying to trace those missing and collate reports of those who are believed to be dead. This is suffering delays due to further strikes by the opposition coalition.

Now, forget how many, It’s definitely not 30 as the mainstream media is reporting. Draw your own conclusions from the above as to how many it could be and the severity and sheer magnitude of this atrocity.

Among those missing are senior ulama, many of whom regularly visit the UK. Some have been arrested while others are believed to be dead. No bodies have been found or reported as of yet.

I’ll do a separate post on the key figures who are missing after some more digging.


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