Blame Game Falls Short to Justify a Genocide in Bangladesh

Posted: May 9, 2013 in Articles and Updates
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Bangladesh Government thugs Vandalising cars but shifted blame to Hefajot

545911_446367642117872_1607333857_nImage: These are the people belongs to Hefajot e Islam wearing traditional subcontinent Madrasa(seminaries) dress

On May 5, 2013 a non political religious group called “Hefajot e Islam” organised a peaceful protest to siege Dhaka. They demanded their 13 points demand have to met. Everybody believed they will organise the protest peacefully because just a month earlier on April 6, 13 they had organised similar long march in Dhaka peacefully. The starting was peaceful from their side but the political development of Bangladesh since April 6 made serious concern among government circle.

That’s why the same ministers admired Hefajot for their peaceful rally on April 6, started branding and labelling Hefajot as extremist, fundamentalist organisation. Not only that government machinery, Ruling awami league leaders tirelessly campaigned throughout the month against Hefajot even though their peaceful activities. Thanks to pro-government Media (almost all opposition media outlets few in numbers shut already) who given their full allegiance to establish government voices against Hefajot.

But, ordinary people of Bangladesh neither trust nor can rely on media like Prothom alo, Daily star, BDnews24 and private TV channels. Despite the government propaganda in May 5 Dhaka siege protest, we have seen people participated overwhelmingly (perhaps more than April 6). Even School children attended the protest. That’s surprise government. Seeing the failure of propaganda Government took different approach to marginalise Hefajot and to label them differently.


May 5 morning near Motijhel (where Hefajot made their stage) area called Paltan went under attack. It is reported that many shops are vandalised, set fire of offices, businesses, looted, many cars are destroyed. While whole country’s (perhaps world) attention was at Motijhil Pro-government media put their lenses and Video camera covering story of Paltan vandalism. Almost all media constantly updated the same news from there. All blame went to Hefajot. Why Hefajot would do it ? Didn’t they know if they take part this rampage they will be caught up by media and Police? The you tube video above has the answer.

Government employed thugs to vandalise, set fire on shops and properties and by the blessing of Media blame shifted to Hefajot! It’s not new in Bangladesh. But government and media propaganda couldn’t prove that vandalism carried by Hefajot. In this video you can see those who setting fire on, look at who they are, how they look like, what they wearing…….It’s a Raw Video captured by an eye witness from a tall building by Mobile phone, no Media will not show this but if people goes against government, they become media.

Government also blaming Hefajot for burning Quran! Even an insane don’t believe that as These Hefajot people sacrifice their life for Quran and Sunnah(saying of prophet). Even any sane person can realise the meaning of Hefaot e Islam (means; protection of Islam). This act also carried out by Government thugs to shift blame.


Awami league have a history of buring Quran and religious books. So, it’s not new for them.

Now, for your peace of mind I am showing why you have to believe the above video is the video of government thugs. Look at the first image where it shows how traditional Hefajot activists dressed, their appearance. Now see some of the following images too;


Image: Police attacked hefajot activist, they running. See how most of them dressed.


Image: Government thugs beating to death a Hefajot activist with his traditional dress.


Image: Govt thugs jointly with police attacked hefajot activist, look at their dress.

Now you can realise who are actually on the video setting fire on cars and vandalising them.

Finally, Blaming game can’t hide the Genocide Bangladesh government committed. Nothing can be justified killing more than 3000 innocent civilian on dark night of May 6 mornings. I am finishing this article with the story of an eye witness account.


942084_452047008210733_1580848102_nAshraf Mahmud, A hefajot activist who was there when Massacre took place says;

I, myself witnessed, when police and BGB brush fired, 14/15 people fall down getting shot in front of my eyes. As I saw them get shot, instead of running towards the main street, hide myself behind some cars in the parking area of the building beside. By Allah’s mercy I am alive.

That night those did not seek shelter but run scattered way, most of them got shot. Those who are stubborn about the reality of the massacre, to them, if you cannot express you condolence for so many deaths, at least stop humiliating the humanity by rejecting the deaths like this (Source; His facebook status)



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